Manh Khoi - Parts specialists and industrial machinery

Supply and distribution of genuine air compressors, generators anh pumps
Supply and distribution of air compressors, generators and pumps genuine industrial
Services - maintenance - repair air compressors, generators and pumps professional industry
With experienced and skilled technical staff, we understand that "The most important thing in production is to keep the system air compressors, generators and industrial pump works fine and stable". We are committed to providing our customers with products - genuine parts, quality, best service and reasonable prices.

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    Typical Productsmore

  • Máy nén khí Quincy Series QGF 5.5-75kW

    Mã SP: QGF 5.5-75kW

    Quincy air compressor 5.5-75kw qgf series are manufactured in accordance with the modern. qgf quincy air compressor series of intelligent control systems, drives smoothly ...

  • Máy nén khí Quincy QGD Series 30-90 kW

    Mã SP: QGD 30-90 kW

    QGD quincy Air compressors series 30-90 kw with a solid steel frame, small noise, control, sophisticated, advanced electronic components will help the compressor system more stable your ...

  • Máy nén khí Quincy QGD 110-160kW

    Mã SP: QGD 110-160kW

    Quincy Air compressors with guards QGD 110-160kW rigid and completely sealed to help reduce noise. Efficient cooling system helps increase the life of the machine ...

  • Máy nén khí Quincy QGD 315-400kW

    Mã SP: QGD 315-400kW

    Quincy Air compressor series QGD 315-400kW with specifications very similar to Quincy air compressor series QGD 110-160Kw but large capacity combine with some other improvements ...

  • Máy nén khí Quincy Series QGF 5,5-75 kW

    Mã SP: QGF 5,5-45 kW

    Quincy air compressor are graves Series QGF 5,5-75kW series high efficiency air compressor low noise is NASA appreciate and use.

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